Trivia time. Which is the most beautiful city in Australia according to Australians? Brisbane. It is decidedly an Australian gem that’s often overshadowed by it’s famous siblings. It’s a city in transition. A booming cosmopolitan scene that somehow still retains of the allure of a small rivertown that’s as much outdoors as it is city.

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Among many things that will make you fall in love with Brisbane is its relatively cool subtropical climate that only experiences maximum temperature averages of up to 30C degrees in summer. Summer is often the most humid time and it’s also sees rainfall and the occasional thunderstorm. Winter is a mild affair with plenty of sunshine and average temperatures of 17C degrees.

September to October is usually the best period to visit when the weather is ideal for taking in the beach or enjoying the Brisbane River. It’s also among the best times to enjoy the Brisbane nightlife by taking leisurely strolls during the cool evenings. Best of all, it is also around this time that the Brisbane Festival.

Among the more unique and interesting attractions you will only encounter in Brisbane is the public art scene which is totally in a league of its own. There’s art stuck in the ground, floating in the air, hanging from ceilings, and even covering a few high-rises. Exploring these public art gems by foot is the best and you will most likely come across locals who will actually spend the time to share their local knowledge.

For something a lot more Australian in flavor hop on over to the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary that houses more than 130 koalas who live in the largest and best koala sanctuary in the world.

Visitors are always of two opinions when it comes to getting around the city. To some the vast network of roads and motorways as well as the unique city layout that complements the meandering Brisbane River is a little bit tricky. The more adventurous visitors, however, find that getting somewhat lost is among the best ways to having a refreshing and challenging visit.

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