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With the world of communication becoming more and more digitised each day, it is important to be able to organise, archive and write emails efficiently with the use of a good desktop email client. With this in mind, today we introduce Mozilla Thunderbird as our Free Software of The Week review.

Mozilla Thunderbird is released as open source software with an online cult following and thousands of experienced developers working on the project. The program itself can be downloaded for free from Mozilla, a reputable global non-profit software company. Mozilla are also responsible for Mozilla Firefox one of the most widely used Internet browsers in the world, which we will discuss in a later review. If you would like to know more about Mozilla and who they are, they have a great video here….

As we always mention, please ensure that you scan all Internet files with an anti-virus program, if you do not have one you can read our review of AVG Anti-Virus  . If you are migrating from another email client always back up your email.

The latest version of Mozilla’s Thunderbird includes

  • Mail setup wizard to help you get started with setting up your email. Works with most  major email clients.
  • Attachment reminder, an automated reminder which scans your messages for clues if an attachment should be added and will remind you to add it.
  • Activity Manager which records all email transactions for quick reference.
  • Great ‘Quick Filter Toolbar’ and ‘Search’ to locate the email you are looking for quicker.
  •  The ability to archive emails
  • The ability to customize your mail with new skins,  hundreds of add-ons and smart folders.
  • A built in Junk Mail Tool, to cypher out the spam email.
  • Phishing protection. If you want to know more about phishing follow this link to Wikipedia.
  • Automatic updates

The main area of difficulty for users who are not familiar with mail and the setup procedure, will be the original setup of Mozilla Thunderbird to work with your email account. If you are not using one of the recognized email providers pre-formatted in Mozilla, then you will have to manually enter your email details. A quick search of the Internet should be able to overcome most difficulties or maybe a call to your Internet Service Provider.

With most of the features of the commercial email clients along with the grunt and speed to work in any business or as a personal email client, Mozilla Thunderbird is well worth considering as your preferred email client. Mozilla Thunderbird can be downloaded at the following link.

Some photos of installation and the Graphical User Interface (GUI) of Mozilla Thunderbird, set up on a generic Gmail account.

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