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Tired of expensive phone bills? Excessive call prices charged by the Telcos? Then Skype is the program you have been looking for. What is Skype? It is similar to a VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) software program, or in laymans termsĀ  free phone calls over your Internet connection from computer to computer or cheap calls to land and mobile phones. Skype currently has over 600 million users worldwide and is owned by the Microsoft Corporation,

As this review is focused on free software, we will focus on the free phone calls over the internet, and you are free to explore more options at the Skype website on charged phone calls.

To access this great product and use free calls, you require both computers to have the skype application installed and running. The great news is, that most smart-phones now have the option to install a Skype app that works over wifi or 3G (ensure you have adequate data allowance to use over 3G), so that you can use Skype in the same manner as making normal phone calls.

Features of the Skype application are

  • Free computer to computer, mobile phone to mobile phone or computer to mobile phone calls anywhere in the world (both require the Skype application installed and free calls are to the Skype application itself, not a standard phone number). Call Japan, Mexico or even England for free. (Check data allowances with your Internet Provider to ensure you don’t receive any excess data usage charges.)
  • Free video calling
  • Group video calling
  • Conference calling
  • Caller ID
  • Send files over Skype
  • Skype Call Forwarding
  • Screen Sharing
  • SMS and more

Skype Android ImageWith the ability to use on your mobile phone as well as your computer has allowed Skype to become more mobile than ever and is highly recommended if you want to save money on your mobile and home phone bills. For more information visit the Skype website or search for the Skype App via your smart-phone market Application.



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Paula April 2, 2013 at 3:28 pm

Does anyone know how free skype to skype works because Skype still wants me to pay for usage.

I have given my friend a skype name to skype hers to and we stiall can’t make contact because Skypoe wants me to subscribe by paying with paypal…

How is it done please anyone???? in Brisbane perhaps ph 0408766549


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