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Want Great Free Software From The Internet. Your search is over!!

Freebie Software of the Week is a little extra we aim to provide each week, on top of What’s On In Brisbane. It is aimed to provide you with information and ideas about good free software (no illegal downloads required) available on the net. Most people will be thinking that nothing is free, but on the internet, we are happy to say, you can still find free stuff with no strings attached. This software rivals the big boys software developers in style, functionality and development.

How is this so? Why is this so?

Most of the software is released via two ways.

1. Under the GNU GPL licence. We will not go into it here, but if you would like to read more (which is another example of a freebie on the net, and is the largest reference website on the internet) has more information. Click here to read more about GNU GPL licence.

2. With so much competition on software and on the internet, companies have to come up with unique ways to market their products. As an example, most people who use computers have heard about the virus scanner McAfee, which is in most computer stores and even advertises on tv. But there are other great virus scanners that do not have the marketing or store placement, and some of them use free fully functioning versions of their full software so people can test and become familiar with them.

A few things to remember when downloading software off the internet.

  • Always have a good virus checker handy to scan the files. The links we provide are from reputable online companies, but we still advise to scan all downloads with a virus scanner. One worth mentioning is AVG virus scanner, which you can read more about from our article free software review of the week – AVG Virus Scanner.
  • As with  installing any software, it is a good idea to back up your data. Even the most expensive programs create issues sometimes.
  • If you are on a low cap data plan, be aware of how much data you have used, so that there are no suprises at the end of the month.

So enough talk, and lets get started on reviewing some free software.

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