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s we mentioned in our overview of free software of the week, it is always important to check downloads from the internet with an anti-virus checker. So what better place to start, than by introducing one of the more popular free anti-virus checkers on the internet with over 110 million downloads worldwide – AVG anti-virus checker. The AVG company was founded in 1991 with a primary focus on protecting people around the world in regard to internet security and the AVG Virus Scanner is their flagship product and available in 3 versions;

  • Anti-virus free – Basic core protection (which we will be covering) and is free for personal use.
  • Anti-virus – Has a few extra security features including chat and download security and technical support.
  • Internet Security – The complete package which comes with the features of both anti-virus free and anti-virus. But also incldues extra security features such as shopping and banking, wireless network safety and also monitors your pc performance.

So what does the Anti-virus free version contain? The following

  • The anti-virus checker itself, A great feature which you can set to scan your computer for viruses at predetermined intervals, manually through the control panel or by right clicking on a file you have downloaded and starting a scan on that individual file.
  • Security Toolbar Component which helps improve internet protection through tracking dangerous websites and notifying you of any suspicous content you may be visiting.
  • Email Scanner which supports most of the popular email clients, and scans incoming (and outgoing, turned off by default) messages for any suspicious files.
  • Protects your computer from spyware, adware and other malicious programs.
  • Resident shield, which works continually in the background checking files that you are working with for any security threats.
  • Anti-rootkit, which scans certain files on your computer for suspicious activity that may allow attacker access to admin privileges on your computer.
  • LiveKive, free 5GB of online data storage with the ability to back or share files from your computer.
  • There are also two new features which are coming soon to the AVG virus scanneravg control panelxw300
    • Family Safety (off by default) where you can protect your family from inappropriate websites, media content, online searches etc. A great feature for families.
  • Automatic updates from the internet.

The AVG anti-virus free version provides a high level of internet security for the average user. If though you are in the market for a virus scanner but would like a higher level of protection you can download and test drive AVG for free with the added bonus of being able to upgrade at a later date if it meets your requirements.

You can find out more on AVG anti-virus free version or download the free trial here.

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