brisbane airport

Located in the city of Brisbane, Queensland, Brisbane Airport is the main international airport in Brisbane and serves both domestic and international travellers. The airport is serviced by over 31 airlines.

United Airlines

Adding another transpacific destination to its global network, United Airlines has launched a new Brisbane-San Francisco route. This new service is scheduled to operate three times a week. It will add 40,000 inbound seats and support 260 jobs in Queensland.

United’s new Brisbane-San Francisco route will begin on 28 October 2022. It will save four hours of travel for Queenslanders.

This is the first non-stop service between Brisbane and San Francisco. It will run three times a week, Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays. It will take 13 hours and 45 minutes to travel eastbound and 14 hours and 10 minutes westbound.

The new service is a major milestone for the Queensland economy. The route will help attract international tourism business to Queensland. It is also of strategic importance to the State, as it will help connect Queensland with more than 80 North American destinations.

Virgin Australia

Located in the Domestic Terminal, the Virgin Australia Brisbane Airport lounge has been refurbished and upgraded. The lounge features an Espresso and Wine Bar, a 55m2 Grand Skylight, and is designed by renowned architect Tim Greer. It also has a number of amenities and seating options.

There are several classes of tickets to choose from, including economy and business. Business class passengers can enjoy reclining chairs and private work areas. They can also take advantage of priority boarding and onboard entertainment.

Economy class passengers can take advantage of a comfort pack and can order food on board. It’s also possible to take a laptop and a blanket.


Located at the northern side of Brisbane Airport’s Domestic Terminal, Qantas Club Brisbane has a number of separate areas. At peak times the lounge can become very busy. It is recommended you arrive at least an hour before your flight.

Qantas has the largest domestic network of any airline in Australia. The airline offers a wide range of flights to every state and territory. The airline also provides frequent flyer points. Qantas has recently commenced direct flights to Tokyo, adding to the airline’s wide range of services.

Qantas offers passengers a wide range of food options. The airline’s business class provides extra legroom and a great amenity kit. There are also complimentary drinks, such as beer and wine.


Having a good parking spot at Brisbane Airport can be difficult. The airport employs thousands of people and contributes $4 billion to the state economy each year. There are a number of car-parks at Brisbane Airport, with different types of parking available to suit different travellers’ needs.

The most affordable airport parking is provided by Park and Ride car parks. These are located outside of the airport perimeter and offer free shuttle bus transfers. It is also easy to find and book one of these car parks.

Parking is also available at the domestic terminal. For short stays, the ParkShort scheme is the most convenient option. This car park is a short walk from the terminal and is the ideal choice for those who need to drop off or pick up passengers.

Dining options

Whether you’re travelling for business or leisure, Brisbane Airport has a variety of dining options. There are lots of international and local restaurants, lounges and cafes to choose from.

The Virgin Australia My Brisbane Lounge is a great open space. It’s located at the end of the international arm, close to gate 77. The new lounge has been redesigned by architect Tim Greer. It’s a clean, contemporary space that’s easy to find. It can accommodate up to 200 passengers.

Brisbane Airport’s Airtrain is free for passengers with a Qantas or Virgin Australia boarding pass. It runs between the International Terminal and Domestic Terminal every half hour. It’s easy to use, with a dedicated train line.

Children’s play areas

Taking your kids to Brisbane Airport can be a fun and exciting experience. The airport has a number of activities, dining options, and hotel choices to suit your family’s needs. Getting around the airport is easy with the AirTrain connecting the terminals. The airport is also home to numerous shops, restaurants, and leisure facilities.

The best part about the airport is that it is well-staffed with helpful Gold Ambassadors who can direct you to the best attractions. Taking the train to Brisbane City is a relatively inexpensive way to see the city.

It also has free wi-fi and a great selection of shops, restaurants, and lounges for both business and leisure travelers.