Due to an expanding population in inner-city Brisbane, schools are quickly reaching capacity. As a result, the government must create school communities that are aspirational and contemporary.

The State Library offers an impressive range of fiction and non-fiction books, while Queensland Museum boasts an abundance of natural history and cultural heritage exhibits.

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Brisbane was named after Sir Thomas Brisbane, Governor of New South Wales from 1821-1825. The city gained municipal status in 1859 with its local government being run via a mayor-council system. Music has often reflected Brisbane’s history including The Go-Betweens song ‘Spring Hill Fair” by The Go-Betweens and R.E.M’s song ‘Brisvegas”.

Brisbane State High School was formed through an amalgamation of Central Technical College and Brisbane Junior State High School in 1921, led by Mr Isaac Waddle as Principal for 24 years, during which time they adopted “Scientia est Potestas” (Knowledge is Power).

Starting in the early 1860s, local people petitioned the governments in Sydney and London for an independent northern colony – Reverend John Dunmore Lang was one of its more vocal proponents – but in June 1859 Queen Victoria signed the Letters Patent that officially established Queensland as an order-in-council state with its own governor and Legislative Council; its original name had been Cooksland but she insisted upon calling it Queensland instead.


Brisbane, located in Australia’s southern state of Queensland, is home to over 2.5 million residents and enjoys a humid subtropical climate with warm, often humid summers and dry winters.

Brisbane generally enjoys good air quality; however, short-term pollution events, such as dust storms or bushfires, can temporarily worsen air quality significantly and pose health risks to residents of Brisbane.

SEQ Water provides water storage, treatment and delivery services in Brisbane through their partnership with Queensland Urban Utilities for distribution among city residents.

City has access to ample water supplies and is not at risk from drought like other Australian cities, boasting numerous parks and riverfronts for outdoor activities and drawing many tourists with its warm climate and beaches as well as vibrant art scene. Furthermore, its economy is expanding quickly.


Brisbane’s economy is experiencing sustained and strong expansion, making it one of Australia’s fastest-growing cities.

This city is served by an extensive network of railway and highway lines that bring agricultural produce from a vast hinterland to its city center. Furthermore, Somerset Dam and Mount Crosby Weir provide fresh water supplies. In terms of industry, Somerset Dam boasts several factories producing wool, sugar, preserved meats and mineral sands as well as oil refineries, gas pipelines and water supply from both.

Queensland was awarded first place for economic growth by CommSec’s State of the States report, benefitting from strong relative and absolute population growth as well as a robust job market. Furthermore, overseas demand is strong for its energy resources such as coal and LNG production facilities in Queensland.

City Council collects economic indicators regularly in order to inform planning and policy decisions and contribute to creating conditions conducive to job growth and business success. This data helps shape plans and policies which aim to foster job creation while simultaneously creating conditions suitable for successful enterprise.


Australia’s Sunshine State exudes vibrant culture that can be found everywhere from its lifestyle, food and music scenes. From relaxing in a park to taking in an international production at QPAC – Queensland offers plenty of things to see and do.

The Queensland Performing Arts Centre is renowned for hosting world-class acts for an annual program. Additionally, local theatre, dance and musicals also play out at this premier arts venue.

Brisbane is home to some of Australia’s best musical talent and is widely considered Australia’s music capital. From hosting free festival City Sounds every weekend on South Bank parklands to taking in shows at River Quay’s neon-lit Flowstate stage – music plays an integral role in Brisbane life.

Sport is an integral component of Brisbane culture. From cheering on their rugby league or cricket teams at Suncorp Stadium to watching live matches at local bars or restaurants, sport remains highly popular with residents of Brisbane.