brisbane zoo

Australia Zoo is like a theme park on steroids! Just an hour’s drive north from Brisbane lies this landmark attraction that was featured in The Crocodile Hunter series of shows and films.

Before your visit, prepare by making a list of animals and events you must see and reviewing the show schedules. Downloading the Australia Zoo app to help plan your day is also recommended.


Koalas are adorable creatures that make for an enjoyable cuddling experience, featuring sweet button noses and soft furry faces that’ll melt your heart. At Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary on the Gold Coast or Australia Zoo (founded by late “Crocodile Hunter” Steve Irwin), visitors can walk through a forest full of these charming furballs, or attend an educational talk and feeding session featuring these captivating animals.

Visit Cooberrie Park and witness the world’s largest herd of Sumatran elephants, along with an exciting African Safari exhibit with giraffes, plains zebras, and southern white rhinos as they interact as they would in nature. Additionally there is an adrenalin pumping crocodile show at Wildlife Hospital; guests can hand feed kangaroos in Roo Heaven.


Every tourist knows it’s essential to experience Australia without visiting the iconic zoo made famous by Steve Irwin as “The Crocodile Hunter.” Besides cuddling adorable koalas (which are completely harmless), visitors to Australia will also see saltwater crocodiles here – fearsome creatures which pounce and stalk with jaw-snapping grace.

Once upon a time, these powerful predators were also quite intelligent. A saltie could easily outwit a kangaroo coming to drink at its lake for the first time; rather than attacking immediately, he will wait patiently until they enter more slowly into his lake, so as to ambush them at his leisure and ambushing is his sole means of survival – something you can witness at any zoo by visiting daily shows featuring these cunning predators!


Australia Zoo features several exhibits dedicated to tigers, such as Asiatic Tiger and Elephantasia – home to Sumatran elephants – in its collections. Furthermore, Australia Zoo boasts three Sumatran tiger cubs named Scout, Delilah, and Kembali who were born there on New Year’s Eve 2021.

Kembali will join them when they reach maturity, marking an important step for conservation efforts; only 400 adult tigers remain wild today. Their genes will play a critical role in captive populations as part of zoo breeding programs; eventually joining Kembali himself will complete the circle.

The Zoo was established by late TV host and conservationist Steve Irwin before his untimely death from stingray sting in 2006. Since then, his widow Terri has run it as the popular tourist and local attraction that it is today.

Wildlife Hospital

The Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital is one of the world’s largest and busiest purpose-built animal rehabilitation facilities, housing an extensive veterinary facility with intensive care room and laboratory, separate holding facilities for males and females as well as diseased/non diseased koalas as well as outdoor enclosures to prepare rehabilitated wildlife for release into natural environments.

The hospital conducts research into koala diseases, migration patterns and wildlife health management as well as consulting on land clearing issues and is at the forefront of rescue and rehabilitation of koala joeys.

Make time for our Wildlife Hospital tour and meet some of our resident native animals! Tours can be booked daily at 10:00am (by pre-booking only), 2:30pm and 3:30pm; tour costs are included with entry into Australia Zoo; no food items or cameras are permitted during encounter.

Tiger Temple

The Tiger Temple is an expansive enclosure inspired by Cambodia’s Angkor Wat that houses Sumatran and Bengal tigers. Visitors can watch as these magnificent cats lounge, lounge around, bathe and play all throughout their daily activities in this glassed enclosure.

If you’re feeling adventurous, Australia Zoo animal encounters offer something for every adventurer – from cuddling koalas to walking with tigers! Plus, all proceeds go directly towards wildlife conservation efforts!

If you want to experience more of the zoo, make sure you visit Rainforest Aviary and Birds of Prey Aviary, Bindi’s Island and Africa exhibit. Also don’t miss stopping by Wildlife Hospital which has treated thousands of sick and injured native animals since opening its doors in 2004.