brisbane australia

Whether you’re looking for a new home, a great vacation spot, or an amazing business opportunity, Brisbane, Australia has what you’re looking for. From casual, easygoing city living to a vibrant culture, this Australian city has something for everyone. No matter what you’re looking for, you’re sure to find it here! And with so many attractions nearby, it’s easy to see why so many people are making it their home away from home.

Earlier this week, Australia’s premier stepped in and announced that fully vaccinated tourists would be welcomed starting February 21. This was the result of a massive corruption investigation that was conducted between 1987 and 1989. A panel presided by Tony Fitzgerald led the investigation, resulting in the resignation of former premier Bjelke-Petersen and two by-elections, the jailing of three former ministers, and the loss of a knighthood for Police Commissioner Terry Lewis.

The Westin Brisbane is an iconic property in the city’s Central Business District. Its design takes into account Brisbane’s dynamic urban lifestyle, with indoor/outdoor spaces, an infinity pool, and Heavenly beds. Its staff work with guests to create the ideal balance between relaxation and active activity, so you can experience both. And if you’re feeling extra adventurous, consider taking a trip to Stradbroke Island, which is a famous wildlife sanctuary. The admission fee is $42 AUD, but if you pre-purchase your ticket, you’ll save 10%!

A historic fort was built at the mouth of the Brisbane river in 1882 to protect the city against foreign colonial powers. This fort was the only moated fort in Australia. In the years following, the city became a hub for business and education. The riots in 1918 were caused by socialist sentiments, and 8,000 ex-servicemen clashed with police. Today, Fort Lytton stands at the mouth of the Brisbane River.

Another great option for budget travellers is an Uber. This service is available at Brisbane airport and will be less expensive than a taxi. An Uber ride can cost you around $30 AUD. Alternatively, you can call a cab and pay up to $55 AUD for the ride. If you’re travelling alone, Uber is the most affordable option. If you’re looking for a taxi from the airport, the price will probably be around $45 AUD.

Despite the colder weather, Brisbane has ample precipitation throughout the year. During the cool season, thunderstorms can be common in the city. These storms often produce large hail stones and damaging winds. On average, there are 124 clear days a year in Brisbane. During the summer, dewpoints average twenty degrees and the apparent temperature reaches 30 degC. On the other hand, the wettest day in Brisbane, which is 21 January 1887, was a mere 465 millimetres, or 18.3 inches of rain.

While the city is full of attractions and sights that appeal to the tourist, Brisbane is a city of museums, including the Queensland Art Gallery and the Queensland Gallery of Modern Art. The latter is the largest modern art gallery in Australia, and hosts the Asia Pacific Triennial, which features contemporary art from around the Asia-Pacific region. The exhibits range from painting to video works and can be quite extensive. Whether you want to explore the natural history of the city, the Brisbane Museum will have something for you.

Several major road tunnels span the Brisbane River, making it easier for drivers to navigate the city. Three of the longest bridges in Australia are found here, including the Houghton Highway, which connects the inner-north and inner-south, and the Ted Smout Memorial bridge that crosses the river between Redcliffe Peninsula and the Brighton suburb. For the most convenience, Brisbane offers the best of both worlds.