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Brisbane Boys’ College is an independent, Presbyterian, and Uniting Church school in the Toowong suburb of Brisbane, Australia. Founded in 1895, the school is one of the oldest and most prestigious in Queensland. It is the only school in the state that is fully co-ed. The college enrolls over 800 boys. Its motto is “To serve our God and fellow man.” The college’s history dates back to the mid-1800s, but its present name has no religious significance.

The school’s recent history is filled with scandal. In 2006, four Grade 9 boys were expelled from the school because they allegedly bullied another student. The headmaster has a policy against bullying, but one student who was suspended for misconduct said the suspensions were unfair and he is seeking legal advice. The university is investigating the allegations. A spokesperson for Brisbane Boys College, Paul Brown, said the school has a “zero tolerance” policy towards bullying and sexual harassment.

The school has a strong reputation for sexual harassment and a culture of rape. The Courier Mail has written numerous articles about the College, including one that accused a former principal of being ‘pressured out’ and will depart in a few weeks. Recently, the school’s senior executive resigned, following the resignation of other high-up staff. Despite the controversies surrounding the school, the students are now celebrating their return to school.

A recent study has found that a school’s environment is conducive to bullying and a lack of diversity. Many children experience bullying at Brisbane Boys College, and some students report experiencing a hostile school environment. The alleged incidents include verbal abuse, ridicule, and ostracism. In addition, a boy who attended Brisbane Boys College for several years has said that he spent recesses and lunch breaks hiding in the school library because of his fear of being bullied.

The College has long been accused of bullying, verbal abuse, and ostracisation. Its former principal, Mason Black, was adamantly opposed to the abuse. His resignation was accompanied by other high-ranking staff members who also resigned. The scandal at Brisbane Boys College has led to the suspension of four boys. But it isn’t the only one: three other girls have been accused of being abused by the school’s students.

The school has an enviable rowing tradition. A W Rudd founded the rowing club in 1916 and the club won its first Head of the River in 1919. The school moved the rowing shed to the Brisbane River near the Regatta Hotel in 1930. In 1974, the first shed was swept away by a flood. A new shed was built near the University of Queensland at St Lucia in 1976.

The school’s rowing club was founded by A W Rudd in 1921. The first shed was on Breakfast Creek. In the same year, the rowing club won its first Head of the River competition. In 1919, the school’s rowing club won the first Head of the River. The shed was relocated to the Brisbane River near the Regatta Hotel in 1930. In 1974, the new shed was destroyed by a flood. In 1976, the rowing club’s new shed was built near the University of Queensland in St Lucia.

A W Rudd was the man behind the Brisbane Boys’ College rowing club. In 1901, he came to Brisbane from Melbourne with little money but a law degree. A W Rudd was an eccentric and unconventional man with an educational philosophy ahead of his time. He also wished to be a part of a community in Brisbane. If you’d like to support the Brisbane Boys’ College’s rowing team, consider making a donation to its Building Fund.

The Brisbane Boys’ College is an independent, non-selective school with boarding options starting in year seven. It’s a long-established boarding school with an enviable reputation for academic and spiritual achievement. The College also has a rich tradition. Old Collegians are proud to wear the distinctive boater boys, which they wear at major occasions. The institution’s mission statement is to empower each student to succeed and contribute to society.