brisbane homes without power

Thousands of Brisbane homes have been left without power following severe storms. A spokesman for Energex says lightning knocked out power to around 15,000 homes in SE Queensland. Most of the outages were in Brisbane’s north side, although some homes in the western suburbs and Sunshine Coast hinterland lost power. It is unclear how long the power outages will last and how much damage will occur.

The outage has left many Brisbane suburbs without power, but train services have not been affected. Energex says supplies should be restored by Saturday in parts of Brisbane. It has been working to restore power to about half of the affected areas, but the outage is likely to affect many more. Some residents are reporting problems in their homes, including elevator problems. In some cases, it may be weeks before supplies are restored in these areas.

A single person has been reported missing and a large part of the state remains without power. While train services have been unaffected, some business and homes have been left in the dark with employees stuck in lifts. Other residents will have to go without power for several hours, and the Brisbane airport has been declared an emergency. CS Energy is unsure how long it will take to restore all power, but no one is certain that power will never come back.

While the Bureau of Meteorology said that the warning would be lifted soon, he added that the heatwave had created “oppressive conditions” in parts of the state. The temperature in Brisbane has reached 34.4 degrees at noon on Boxing Day, but will dip to as low as 30 degrees by Monday. On Tuesday, temperatures will begin to cool down again, with some areas slipping into the 30s.

At least 67,000 Gold Coast homes and businesses are experiencing blackouts. The Callide Power Station is responsible for supplying electricity to much of central Queensland. Energex and Powerlink are investigating the problem. There have been reports of power outages in areas across the Gold Coast. The Gold Coast University Hospital was briefly without power, but thankfully, that hospital is now back on Code Yellow status. If you have a generator and are looking for a way to get a new battery, you can try recharging it at your local power station.