The Ashes series kicks off in Brisbane on December 8 and runs until December 10, but Brisbane test timings will vary depending on the match. The match usually has three sessions lasting about two hours each. There will be a half hour break during the first session, but this may be pushed back or canceled depending on weather conditions. The day/night Test will start at a later time than the day/night Test.

brisbane test timings

After a tense day one, England are in for a long day in Brisbane. Day two concluded with England well behind. The second innings will be a half-hour earlier, at 10:30am AEDT or 10am in Adelaide. The first ball will be bowled at 11:30pm. The final three Test matches will be played in Sydney and Perth. Here are the Brisbane test timings.

Both teams have been wary of the quarantine protocol in Brisbane. The players will only be able to leave their hotel for matches and training sessions. Other than these, they will be shut in their rooms. This may cause a health risk for the Indian team, especially if they are prone to sickness. However, the timings will allow the teams to prepare in the most effective way. If the Indians lose their first Test, they will be down to just two wins.

Day two ended in a draw for England and the second will be a day-night affair. The third day of the Ashes is scheduled to start half an hour earlier, at 10:30am AEDT. This means the first ball will be bowled at 7:30am in the west and at 10:30am AEDT in Brisbane. The fourth day will start at 11:15pm AEDT, which means that the action will begin at midnight, while the west will have to wait until 9:30am to catch the first ball of the night.

Despite the varying times, the Australian cricket team’s quarantine protocol is not one to be taken lightly. They will only be allowed to leave their hotel for training and matches and will remain indoors during the rest of the time. In other words, the strict quarantine protocol will prevent the Indian team from having any fun in the city. The Indian cricket team will need to be able to sleep in the afternoon to get a good night’s sleep in order to win the game.

Ashes test timings are also important because the first day will be played at 5:30 AM IST (10:00 am local). The second day will start at 12:30 pm EST/6:00 pm IST. This means the Australian team will be batting for three days in the first innings, and the second will bat for four days. The Australian team will bowl the hosts in the last over of the second innings, but the third day will be a day game.

The Ashes is being played on two venues in Brisbane: the MCG and the Gabba. The first day will begin at 4am IST. The second day will start at 9:30 AM IST/11:30 PM local. The fifth day will be played in Melbourne on December 26 and end at midnight. The third game will take place in Perth on January 14. So, the Brisbane test timings are important to know for both sides.

Ashes timings for the second day are also important. As the second Ashes is a day/night game, the second day will be played at 5:30 AM IST/9:30 PM local. The third day will be a night match. Those two games will be broadcasted on ABC, Foxtel, and Kayo Sports. The MCG has a capacity of 4,000 spectators.

The second day/night Test in Brisbane is expected to be played at 9:30 AM IST/12:30 PM local. The day/night Test will make it a more broadcast-friendly match. In the first innings, Australia will bat for three days and score a target of 164. The hosts will then bowl the first innings on the third day. This will be the fifth day for the second test. The final day of the tour will be played on January 14 in Melbourne.