AFLW match between Brisbane and Adelaide is always interesting, but this time the reigning premiers Brisbane surprised everyone by beating their old rivals. Many thought the Lions would be an easy beat in 2020, but with double-digit changes to their list, the team surprised the pundits. It was no surprise to see the return of Jess Wuetschner, who was everywhere on the pitch during the first half.

brisbane vs adelaide

The Crows are still without a key player for the game, but the positives have to be taken from this match. Riley Thilthorpe kicked two goals in the first half, while Jimmy Rowe kicked one from the pocket. The debutant Jake Soligo had his fair share of touches and combined with Jacob Rachele to score a goal. Similarly, Jake Soligo showed class by collecting the ball from across the ground and combining it with a ruckman to score.

After last week’s disappointing result, Adelaide have taken positives from the match. Kusini Yengi has returned from a knee injury but is unlikely to be fit for the match. Ben Halloran is out for a while after signing with FC Seoul in Korea. The Tigers’ top two ranked players could still be a factor in the match. This is why it is essential to keep an eye on your team’s injury history.

The Crows have some fresh injuries to contend with. Despite the win over the Lions, there are some notable absences. Firstly, Kusini Yengi will miss the match following his surgery on his right quadriac joint. Secondly, Ben Halloran will be unavailable as he has recently signed with FC Seoul in Korea. Lastly, the Adelaide crowd must get over a shock before the next big game.

Despite the loss to Brisbane, the Suns have a strong injury list. The injury list includes Ben King, who will not play again this year, as well as Jack Bowes, who will miss a long time due to his knee surgery. Moreover, a number of key players are out for the match. Nevertheless, the Gold Coast Suns are a team that needs to win its next game.

The Kangaroos had a strong bench, but the Demons’ midfield was strong as well. Jasmine Garner finished the game with 18 disposals and Ashleigh Riddell had 20 touches. Among the players, her teammates were solid, but the Demons had the better of the match-ups in terms of possession. While the Kangaroos had a few standouts, they were unable to capitalize on their talented opponents.

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