brisbane suburbs without power

A massive outage is leaving Brisbane suburbs without power – and train services in the region are unaffected. But some suburbs are already seeing power return. The reason for the outage is still unclear. CS Energy is investigating what went wrong at its Callide Power Station, and is considering the best course of action. It’s unclear when the power will be restored. Residents have started reporting problems in their homes, including being stuck in elevators for 15 minutes.

Energex has warned that the flood-hit state of Queensland could leave some residents without power for weeks. The company estimates that more than 43,000 customers were affected by the storms associated with former cyclone Oswald. Although Energex has restored power to nearly half of its customers, major restoration issues remain in areas like Mount Nebo, Mount Sylvia, and Mount Glorious.

Power outages are impacting at least 20 inner Brisbane suburbs. Some areas will be without power until the weekend, with many suburbs being affected. No one has been reported dead so far, but a single person has gone missing. The outage remains a mystery, and a spokesperson for Energex says there’s no timetable for when power will be restored. However, residents should be prepared for the worst.