brisbane and bayside garage doors

Brisbane and Bayside Garage Doors is a family run business. Established on the outskirts of Brisbane since 1983, we now manufacture garage doors in Burpengary from Deception Bay.

We offer an assortment of styles and colours to complement the interior decor of your home, featuring top brands such as Gliderol, Steel-line, B&D Centurion ECO.

Sectional Garage Doors

Sectional garage doors feature horizontally rising ‘panels’ on rails above their opening, enabling them to fit any shape or size garage and maximize space efficiently. Their panels come in an assortment of colours, finishes and textures that can be custom made for any opening size or shape – and come complete with handles that swing open or closed for convenient operation.

Energy saving doors are well-known for their energy-saving abilities, with built-in insulation to keep cold out and heat in. Furthermore, these quiet doors reduce noise caused by neighbors practicing drumming skills or children playing outside.

These doors come in various designs ranging from minimalist wide ribbed panel doors to carriage-style options, with all featuring anti finger trap protection and meeting all applicable regulations. Materials used can include steel or timber with various species available as well as paint or stain options from leading manufacturers like Hormann, Garador and Carteck – matching front entrance doors will help create a cohesive look across your home.

Roller Garage Doors

When it comes to increasing curb appeal and home value, garage doors are among the best investments you can make. Aside from landscaping or new paint job, most visitors notice your garage door before anything else.

Roller garage doors open vertically for optimal drive through height, offering maximum drive through height. Available in various styles and materials – whether that means high-quality timber look or modern stainless steel designs – roller doors will fit seamlessly into any home environment.

Roller doors not only add aesthetic appeal, but they provide insulation and security benefits as well. From protecting vehicles, belongings, and homes from extreme temperatures to deterring potential intruders due to their strength – many come equipped with a hood cover referred to as roller box or shutter box to prevent fingers getting caught in its mechanism when opening and closing.

Timber Look Garage Doors

Timber garage doors offer an elegant touch to any home, while also being highly customisable to your exact requirements. While these doors may provide long-term protection from moisture damage and elements, regular maintenance must still be conducted as they’re susceptible to moisture intrusion and the elements.

Timber look garage doors offer homeowners looking for the aesthetic appeal of wooden doors without all of the maintenance requirements. Made from long-wearing and durable materials, they can easily be painted to complement your home’s color scheme and won’t rot, shrink, splinter or break down over time – not forgetting being termite proof!

Modern timber-look garage doors are designed to resemble their real timber counterparts as closely as possible, such as Steel-Line’s Gliderol Native Series timber-look garage doors made with durable BlueScope steel bases with premium finishes that mimic natural Australian wood graining patterns and features such as walnut, jarrah (rosewood), ebony and dark oak colors and come fully sealed or oiled for your convenience.

Garage Door Automation

If your family includes young children, a high-tech garage door provides an extra level of safety. Motion sensors equipped with motion sensing lights activate automatically when someone or something crosses its path – helping increase visibility when exiting your car at night, as well as decreasing risk of tripping over or bumping into it accidentally.

Smart openers feature battery backup to ensure their garage can still open during a power outage, as well as photo eye sensors which send a beam across the doorway to check that nothing is in its path when closing – helping protect both children and animals from getting caught between closing doors, or accidentally shutting it on themselves when leaving home.

Many systems also provide programmable lights, timer-to-close functionality and remote access through smartphone apps – perfect for keeping an eye on home from work or holiday property while you are away. Furthermore, geofencing, IFTTT applet integrations and voice command capabilities may all help keep tabs on properties while you’re gone.