brisbane moss moleskin

Brisbane Moss Moleskin Winterhose is a comfortable, warm, and breathable Moleskin-Gewebe. The material is similar to Wildleder and has a regular fit. The company’s designers use only the finest yarns and have maintained their weaving specifications for decades.

Brisbane Moss manufactures top-quality cloth, such as moleskin and corduroy, with traditional skills and values. The company is based in Yorkshire’s Calder Valley and takes great pride in the quality of its products. The company sells their products all over the world, and has a loyal customer base. Its products are renowned for their style, quality, and durability.

Brisbane Moss ‘Calder’ Moleskin is a densely woven cotton fabric with a smooth finish. This material is durable and wind resistant, making it ideal for trousers and other outdoor clothing. Its rich olive color lends itself well to smart casuals and outdoor wear.

Moleskins are smooth and have no pronounced ribs. This unique fabric can be dyed and finished in a wide variety of shades. The cloth is usually sueded to give it a soft, supple feel. Its appearance is soft, and its feel is similar to fur. It is an excellent choice for a winter jacket or coat. And it’s very affordable.