Brisbane boasts a more laid-back atmosphere compared to Sydney and Melbourne, which may provide relief for people who dislike bustling, dense cities.

An ideal location to access regional Queensland destinations, it boasts the Inner City Man Made Beach for swimmers who like swimming.

1. Budget

Melbourne provides an affordable lifestyle. Rent is generally lower than in Sydney and other major cities, while you should expect to spend approximately $274 weekly on food and other living expenses.

Students looking for affordable shared flats will find them easily. Furthermore, the city provides various low-cost entertainment and dining venues.

Melbourne is an attractive study abroad destination for international students, boasting a vibrant cultural scene and lively nightlife as well as being close to popular beaches and regional destinations. However, Melbourne can be more costly than Brisbane – before making your decision about Australia city life, investigate their cost of living thoroughly so as to find out which best meets your personal preferences and financial situation.

2. Climate

Brisbane, located in Queensland, features a subtropical climate. This means it experiences warm and hot weather year-round with mild winters – making it the ideal location for beach enthusiasts who also appreciate outdoor activities such as scenic hiking.

Brisbane can get quite humid and hot during the summertime, making the city susceptible to tropical cyclones.

Melbourne boasts a milder climate. Though it might not boast as sunny skies and lively energy as Sydney, Melbourne still features a vibrant culture scene with trendy hotspots and Instagram-worthy streets; world class restaurants; fantastic shopping opportunities; and world-renowned galleries and museums such as Victoria Arts Museum and National Gallery of Victoria.

3. Nightlife

Brisbane boasts an active culture and arts scene, featuring fantastic museums like the Queensland Museum and Gallery or the Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts as well as an energetic live music and theatre scene.

Melbourne is widely considered to be one of the premier nightlife and dining destinations in Australia, featuring an extensive variety of bars, clubs and world-class restaurants scattered along its iconic laneways.

St Kilda Beach and Luna Park offer incredible street art displays, while St Kilda beach provides scenic strolling paths for exploring. There’s also the charming St Kilda beach for visiting couples to stroll. St Kilda offers plenty of activities such as taking a ride at Luna Park for unforgettable date ideas!

4. Culture

Melbourne is Australia’s cultural heartland, boasting galleries and museums showcasing local art from galleries all across Australia. Additionally, Melbourne boasts an active music scene and vibrant theatre culture that keeps audiences coming back again and again.

Brisbane is an easygoing travel destination ideal for visitors seeking relaxation and sunshine. There is an array of activities available, such as outdoor markets and shopping at Emporium.

Brisbane is close to many popular Queensland destinations, including Steve Irwin’s Australia Zoo and Sunshine Coast, Moreton Island, Mount Tamborine, as well as day trip opportunities to Moreton Island or Tamborine.

5. Family

Melbourne boasts an abundance of attractions within its borders as well as being an excellent base for day trips across Victoria. However, getting around can be more complicated due to many attractions located within its CBD area.

No matter your criteria for finding an ideal city to reside in, whether that be nightlife, culture or laid back lifestyle – ultimately it comes down to what matters most for you and what best meets your needs. Both cities boast their own distinct qualities that can make either city an excellent option.

Sydney may boast the iconic Opera House, but Brisbane stands to gain its own crown thanks to their beloved Bluey can-shaped hounds which were streamed over 20 billion minutes last year alone – truly iconic advertising campaigns!