brisbane vs perth

If you are considering moving to Australia, many factors must be taken into account before choosing a city for living and making the move successful. Selecting the appropriate place is paramount.

One of the key considerations when moving is cost of living, so in this article we will compare Brisbane and Perth so you can select which best fits your lifestyle needs.

1. Cost of living

Brisbane is notoriously expensive, with most of an income going towards rent, food and transport expenses. People tend to cook their own meals at home and shop local markets for the most economical grocery options; this enables them to keep spending under control and adhere to a balanced budget.

City has an excellent public transportation system that offers numerous modes of travel to its residents. To maximize savings and convenience when using public transport in this way, purchase a SmartRider card which works across all modes and offers discounts off fares.

At its center lies several shopping malls and boutique shops, the river being the central focus of city life with many restaurants and bars lining its waterfront area. South Bank is an idyllic place to visit during sunset hours as its lights illuminate the nighttime cityscape; for students PBSA housing provides utility bills are covered and comes fully furnished!

2. Weather

Australia’s climate can vary widely depending on where it’s found, with Perth situated along Western Australia’s coastal region enjoying hot, dry summers and mild winters.

Brisbane boasts a subtropical climate with hot and humid summers and mild, dry winters – it is considered Australia’s sunniest capital city with over 250 days of sunshine per year!

Brisbane is famous for its many beautiful beaches. My personal favorite is Scarborough Beach, with restaurants and bars lining its esplanade – making it an excellent place for families with fantastic waves! Additionally, South Bank and Eagle Street both boast upmarket dining experiences. However, December to February weather in brisbane can get quite hot and humid, while winters tend to be mild yet windy; weather that should appeal to anyone living outside the UK would also do nicely!

3. Nightlife

Brisbane boasts an easygoing vibe with plenty of local bars, craft breweries and night clubs for you to discover. Nightlife venues can be found both within the CBD and Fortitude Valley neighborhoods; rooftop bars in West End-New Farm may also provide an enjoyable evening escape. Brisbane is also renowned for its live music scene – internationally-acclaimed bands such as Go-Betweens, Savage Garden Powderfinger Violent Soho among many others have begun performing here!

Perth’s beautiful beaches are the focal point for beach enthusiasts, and the city’s esplanade boasts 19 of them that provide ample vantage points to watch the sun set over the Indian Ocean. Scarborough and Cottesloe beaches feature crystal-clear water ideal for swimming; other popular beach spots include Scarborough and Cottesloe Beaches with glassy clarity make these popular swimming spots. If you’re feeling daring, climb Australia’s tallest building Skypoint for breathtaking panoramic views of city and sea below while thrill seekers can thrill ride the rides at nearby theme parks such as Dreamworld Movie World WhiteWater World.

4. Education

Australia’s premier cities boast high-caliber universities that offer an extensive variety of courses for their student body and draw international students, strong job markets that provide young people with many opportunities for starting their own businesses or finding employment, popular travel destinations that make an impression in business circles, and can act as ideal environments to build connections in business networks.

Brisbane is an extremely desirable city to study in due to its great weather and affordable living costs. Boasting a large river, parks, proximity to Cottesloe Beach and Scarborough beaches as well as an exceptional public ferry system which provides amazing views of both its surroundings as well as of itself, Brisbane provides students with all that is necessary for academic success.

Queensland City provides an ideal base for exploring Queensland’s gorgeous beaches and hinterland towns such as Byron Bay. Just 2.5 hours south of Perth with tropical holiday destinations that stretch far and wide. Both cities enjoy comparable climates – however Perth boasts dryer winters and lower humidity at 3pm than Brisbane.