brisbane moss fabric

Byron moss fabric is a soft, woven twill that has a light weight that makes it perfect for layering. This versatile, yet stylish fabric is made of cotton that is Oeko-Tex 100 certified. It is perfect for warm-weather clothing such as jackets, shirts, and pants.


Founded by the Moss Brothers in Lancashire in the 19th century, Brisbane Moss is a company that has forged a reputation for itself as one of the best British textile manufacturers. Their products are made of the finest quality yarns and have been created by master craftsmen using the latest technological advances.

The origins of Brisbane moss fabric are quite interesting. The company is currently the largest stock house of fustian cloth in the world. This particular material is a cotton twill with evenly spaced ribs running lengthwise, interrupted by races. The fabric also boasts a good number of weft threads compared to the number of warp threads.

The company’s ancestor began trading in cotton fabrics from all over the world. The company’s latest move is to use recycled packaging and low carbon footprint methods.

Characteristic appearance and handle

Amongst the many companies in the textile industry, Brisbane Moss stands out as a premier manufacturer of top-notch cloth. Established in the mid-nineteenth century, the company has a rich history and a well-earned global reputation. Its products range from woven and non-woven fabric to moleskin, cotton corduroy, and more.

The name Brisbane Moss may be synonymous with corduroy, but the company has been around for four generations and has been producing quality cloth for more than a century. It has been part of the Chapman and Sons group since 1982, and produces more than one million metres of cloth per year. They sell to the likes of Ralph Lauren, Aquascutum, and Gucci.

Brisbane Moss is also the only UK corduroy maker to boast of an award-winning collection of high-quality corduroys. The company’s moleskin is spun in England, and the fabric is a whopping 98% cotton/2% elastane.

Oeko-Tex 100 certification

OEKO-TEX(r) is an independent third-party certification system which imposes strict requirements on products. It helps consumers to protect themselves from harmful substances in textile goods. It is one of the most widely used certifications in the world.

Among the different certifications, Oeko-Tex is the most prestigious. It is a quality assurance system which conducts unannounced on-site visits to textile production facilities. During these visits, experts from one of 18 Oeko-Tex Institutes inspect the company’s facility. They test the fabric for formaldehyde, nickel, and toxic chemicals.

Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certifies textiles free of more than 100 hazardous substances. It was developed by the International Oeko-Tex Association in the 1990s. The standards are applied to a huge number of raw materials and products. They include clothes, home textiles, leather, and accessories. It is a worldwide standard which guarantees safety of all textiles throughout their life cycle.

Quality of cotton yarns used

Located in the Calder Valley in West Yorkshire, Brisbane Moss is an award-winning manufacturer of quality fabrics and moleskin. It has a history of producing high-quality, durable fabrics and has been recognised by the Queen as one of the best exporters in the UK. It is also a family-run business.

The fabric has a reputation for being of the highest quality and has been developed over four generations. It is manufactured by the finest yarns and sourced from the world’s leading garment makers. It is then hand-selected by skilled craftsmen to create premium cloth. Its products are sold to leading fashion houses, and its stock of 500 thousand metres of cloth is the largest in the UK.

Brisbane Moss manufactures a variety of fabrics, including moleskin, cashmere and corduroy. Its fabrics are designed to be long-lasting and versatile, and are sold worldwide. Among its customers are top designers, such as Ralph Lauren and Gucci.

Byron twill jacket

Amongst a sea of mediocre clones, the Brisbane Moss breeches come out on top for innovation and longevity. Its most impressive feat is that it’s the only one in the UK. This means you can expect a plethora of choice in the years to come. To get your hands on one of a kind, check out the Brisbane Moss online store and you could be a new owner in no time. A swag bag of goodies awaits. You’ll be the envy of the office after work drinks. After all, there are a few stipulations you’ll need to get in the door with.