brisbane moss

Corduroy trousers crafted from Brisbane Moss cloth represent an investment that stands the test of time and fashion trends alike, providing exceptional comfort and versatility.

Cotton corduroy boasts a wide wale that provides ultra-soft comfort, moulding to your body’s shape. Wear it to work or dress down for everyday wear with casual sweaters for an everyday look.

Exceptional quality

Corduroy trousers have made a comeback due to their comfort, classic appeal, and long-term quality – features which have revived its popularity over recent years. Of the many choices on the market today, Brisbane Moss corduroy stands out. Boasting an exquisite dark taupe hue and exquisite texture which elevate any design, Brisbane Moss corduroy stands apart.

Brisbane Moss corduroy trousers provide a welcome refuge in a world where fashion changes at an unprecedented rate, as their dedication to excellence and authenticity have kept them at the forefront of British textile manufacturing for over 140 years.

Brisbane Moss Fabrics was founded in Lancashire, England and specialize in producing fabric woven on traditional Lancashire looms to withstand time. Prioritizing ethical sourcing while employing eco-conscious production techniques to reduce their environmental impact has proven successful – their fabrics are some of the finest on the market, distinguished by dense weaves with fine ribs for luxurious textures that ooze sophistication.

Timeless elegance

Brisbane Moss corduroy trousers represent timeless elegance that transcends fleeting trends. Crafted to an exceptional standard and featuring side adjusters for an adjustable fit, these timeless staples provide maximum comfort and versatility – more than simply clothing; these heirloom-quality fabrics will bring long-term returns!

Brisbane Moss, established in 1858 and once known as Fustianopolis, draws upon generations of craftsmen’s traditional skills and philosophies of production in Yorkshire’s Calder Valley area for its manufacturing processes. Over time, Brisbane Moss has demonstrated their dedication to quality manufacturing by adopting eco-friendly manufacturing practices within their processes.

Once intended for outdoor adventurers, safari jackets have since become timeless casual outerwear styles. Our premium take on this versatile garment is woven from soft cotton corduroy from English mill Brisbane Moss with velvety sheen, making for an eye-catching piece to pair with tailored blazers or roll neck sweaters alike.

Versatile styling

Corduroy trousers remain timeless in an ever-evolving world of trends and fashion fads, thanks to its luxurious texture and dense weave which exude sophistication and elevate any look – they make a versatile piece suitable for formal business attire as well as weekend casualwear wear.

Brisbane Moss created this soft yet refined corduroy using a wide wale (the number of ribs per inch). The cotton remains comfortable against your skin over time, offering great shape retention over time and creating an ideal fabric choice for chinos as it continues to soften over time.

Brisbane Moss, founded in Yorkshire’s rolling hills over one hundred years ago, has long been known as an industry-leading producer of premium fabrics. Over four generations of skilled craftsmen have kept Brisbane Moss at the forefront of quality fabric production in Britain.


Brisbane Moss is a family-owned business that has been in operation for generations. Their expertise in fabric production is unrivaled, as they produce top-quality fabrics like moleskin and corduroy which make for smart casual clothing such as trousers featuring side adjusters suited for smart casual use over a flannel shirt or sweater – not to mention they’re extremely durable and versatile – perfect for autumn strolls and winter evenings by the fireside!

Brisbane Moss of England created this corduroy jacket woven from corn 10 wale fabric, featuring tonal striping on its sleeves and collar, creating an eye-catching classic style perfect for vintage sportswear. Made with 2% elastane content to ensure comfortable all day wear, its distinctive ribbed texture lends it a classic aesthetic with never going out of style looks – an essential feature in their vintage sportswear range!