brisbane zip code australia

The city of Brisbane, Australia is the capital of the state of Queensland and is a large city situated on the Brisbane River. The city is home to the Queensland Museum, Queensland Sciencentre and the Queensland Gallery of Modern Art. The Brisbane Botanic Gardens are located on Mt Coot-tha.

The Brisbane zip code consists of four digits and is used for postal delivery. It is issued by Australia Post Corporation, which is the country’s main postal operator. It can receive mail from any part of Australia. Its first digit is the same for every state, and the second digit is higher than the first. To find out your zip code, you can use an online address search. Once you have found the address you wish to mail, you can see other information about the address, such as zoning.

Regardless of whether you’re moving to a new city or state, it’s important to find out the ZIP code for your new residence. This information is used by the postal service to identify your new address. Not only will this information be useful to you for receiving mail and deliveries, it will also help you locate your new home. In addition to finding your new address, you can find out the postcode of your old one by entering it in a search engine. Using a postcode finder will help you find your old house, as well as any nearby streets.

The postal code for Cannonvale, Queensland is 9944. The area around Australian National University uses 26001. Other cities in the region use different postcodes. In total, there are eight postcodes in the Brisbane metropolitan area. Below, you’ll find the most common postcodes in Brisbane.

The city of Brisbane is the capital of Queensland. It is also the third most populous city in Australia. It is located on the Brisbane River. It is home to the Queensland Museum, Queensland Sciencentre and the Gallery of Modern Art. The Botanic Gardens are located on Mount Coot-tha and are among the most beautiful areas in the world.

Australian postcodes are based on the first and second numerals. Postcodes with lower second numerals are generally located in rural or regional areas. Some postcodes span several states, including WA, SA and NT. For example, the postcode range 2200-2299 covers the southern suburbs of Sydney, the Central Coast, Lake Macquarie, and the Newcastle region.

Postcodes are used in many different organisations across Australia. For example, insurance companies use postcodes to work out insurance costs, while Transport for NSW uses them for bus stops. Bus stops include the postcode along with a number indicating where the bus is stopping. Postcodes are also used in street maps. Maps of metropolitan areas typically list the postcodes for each suburb. They are also used in advertising and sales territories.

Australia Post uses postal codes to make sorting and delivery of mail easier. The four-digit number is placed at the end of the address, after the city name. In addition, Australia Post uses the postcode to identify the delivery address of a letter or parcel. A person can find out their postcode by visiting their local post office or visiting Australia Post online.

When a postcode is incorrect, it can result in delay in mail delivery. It is important to know your postcode in Brisbane to avoid this problem. A free postcode finder allows you to quickly and easily find your postcode. The service is free to use for commercial and non-commercial purposes.