brisbane or sydney to live

People choose their homes for various reasons, and it can become tiresome to hear residents from Sydney or Melbourne disparage Brisbane as their city of residence.

Melbourne is Australia’s biggest city and offers plenty of iconic landmarks and beaches for you to admire. Additionally, this bustling metropolis makes a fantastic place for shopping and street art enthusiasts alike.

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Cost of living

Brisbane offers expats an excellent cost of living solution. With affordable housing and an efficient public transport system, navigating this vibrant city becomes much simpler for its inhabitants. Plus, there are plenty of restaurants and cafes to choose from; its average monthly rent stands at approximately $1,500.

Expats should also factor in the costs associated with private health care, which can be relatively more costly compared to other countries. Furthermore, people often spend their money on clothing and other personal expenses; San Francisco offers an abundance of shopping venues from modern malls to quirky boutique stores; discounts may also be available for tertiary students.

If you’re planning a move to Australia, being aware of the costs associated with living in various cities will help your budget. With this knowledge at your fingertips, finding a home that fits within your means can ensure you have enough funds for comfortable living expenses – the key being finding work that pays enough for living expenses to cover this aspect of the move.


Sydney enjoys a warm, subtropical climate that can become quite humid during the summer. But its abundance of sunshine helps maintain comfortable temperatures year-round.

Brisbane lies further north, closer to the equator, so its climate can sometimes become tropical. From October through April it experiences a wet season when humidity and thunderstorms become frequent.

New South Wales features a humid subtropical climate in its northern regions while temperate conditions prevail in its central areas and Snowy Mountains region of alpine terrain, featuring cool-to-cold weather all year long with heavy snowfall during winter months.

Sydney is a city of contrasts, featuring both sandy beaches dotted along its rugged coast and modern skyscrapers in its center. Sydney offers safe family-friendly environments, as well as plenty of entertainment opportunities and is easily navigable using Opal cards – its user-friendly public transport system.


Sydney and Brisbane boast vibrant cultural scenes with plenty of entertainment options, from restaurants and bars to live music performances and public river cruises on the City Cat. Both cities are also known for outdoor recreation thanks to sunny summers and crisp winters which provide ideal conditions.

The Sydney Opera House is one of the world’s most iconic landmarks and its beaches are an essential visit for visitors. Stroll along Bondi to Manly beach for scenic public sands and salty ocean pools or attend one of its annual exhibitions like Sculptures by the Sea held annually from late October.

Sydney and Brisbane both offer delicious dining experiences, but Brisbane food tends to be cheaper. Casual restaurants in Brisbane provide delicious meals under $20 at great-tasting casual eateries; or visit more upscale dining establishments such as Mr Wong, China Doll or Tetsuya’s to experience some of the finest Asian cuisine available in Australia.


Sydney is Australia’s cultural capital and boasts iconic attractions that visitors must not miss. Additionally, Sydney hosts some of Australia’s premier dining and nightlife destinations; plus its beach suburbs provide a laid-back lifestyle which attracts young professionals looking for their dream Australian home.

Brisbane’s culture is heavily shaped by its tropical climate and international ethnic communities. The city’s vibrant arts community has earned itself a reputation for producing boundary-pushing events; however, skyrocketing costs and lockout laws have dampened some aspects of this scene.

Riverside bars and beer gardens in Sydney may seem quiet, but don’t be fooled: Sydneysiders certainly know how to party! From karaoke nights and live bands to watching footy on TV at Scruffy Murphy’s in central Sydney – Scruffy Murphy’s provides something fun for every occasion imaginable! Take an evening cruise around Sydney Harbour for breathtaking views; and afterwards grab some drinks with friends at one of its waterfront restaurants!