If you’re looking for some of the best Brisbane jewellery, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re looking for a unique, handmade piece or a more modern design, you can find just what you’re looking for. Brisbane’s growing number of independent designers and boutiques offers a wide selection of high-quality pieces to suit every taste and budget. Here are some of the most noteworthy Brisbane jewellery stores.

One such incident involved a man who entered a jewellery store and feigned interest in buying two diamond rings. After the staff member chased him, he took off with the two pieces of jewellery. Passersby then caught up to the man and caught him. He was later found to have swallowed the diamonds, which made his arrest all the more bizarre. Police have charged the man with two counts of fraud and stealing.

If you’re looking for a more personalised experience when choosing your Brisbane jewellery, you may want to check out Bentley De Lisle in Paddington. The team at Bentley De Lisle will sit down with you for an obligation-free design session. From the first day of your engagement, you’ll feel like the only person in the world wearing the ring you’ve chosen! With a unique, personalised experience like this, you’ll be surprised by the quality and style of Brisbane jewellery.

If you want to learn more about making jewellery, Brisbane has plenty of classes that teach you everything you need to know. If you’re interested in learning how to design your own jewellery, consider signing up for a course that teaches you how to make a wide variety of materials. Learn how to design a laser-cut earrings or make a beautiful ring from silversmithing. There’s something for everyone in this area, so take a look and enjoy! You’ll be glad you did!

Although white diamonds remain the most popular choice for jewellery, coloured diamonds are also increasingly popular in Brisbane. If you’re looking for a stylish yet affordable piece, you might want to consider an unusual design. Coloured diamonds are a great way to make a fashion statement, and can be found at a wide range of prices. Wristwatches are also making a comeback. Choose a retro style wristwatch to make a stylish statement.

In addition to the renowned James Street jewellery stores, you’ll find the local master jeweller Angelo Andronis, who has spent the past four decades honing his craft. He’s the mastermind behind cult contemporary jewellery brand By Baby, and is a go-to designer for bespoke designs. When you visit, he’ll work with you to understand your vision and design it using 3D designs and sketches. Andronis also offers complimentary maintenance.

For more information on security, attend the Australian Jewellery Fair. The event will take place at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre from 26 to 27 February. Security seminars will be held to teach delegates about the latest measures to prevent robberies. In addition to security seminars, fair organisers will host security seminars to help retailers keep their premises safe. There are also seminars on how to prevent theft and identify rogue jewellery stores.

Xennox Diamonds is one of the most respected jewellery stores in Brisbane. With over forty years’ experience, Xennox has gained a reputation as a high-quality jewellery retailer. Their multi-award winning master craftsmen are committed to making your jewellery experience memorable. They also offer personalised attention and guarantee manufacturing and cleaning for every piece they sell. If you’re looking for an engagement ring in Brisbane, there’s no better place to shop.

A new range of jewellery has just been released at the Gold Coast Jewellery Fair. The COEUR DE LION collection is a beautiful example of an innovative designer’s dedication to colour and style. It is set to launch its Autumn Winter collection at the Melbourne Australian Jewellery Fair in February. The new VIVIDCOEUR collection has won the German Design Award Special 2016.