brisbane bullets

The Brisbane Bullets are a professional men’s basketball team in Australia. They compete in the National Basketball League. The Bullets were last in the league in 2008, but returned to the league in 2016. The current team has been in the NBA since 2001. The team’s name means “Bullets.” The logo of the team is a stylized ‘B’. In recent years, the Bullets have experienced some success.

The Bullets first returned to the NBL in 2006, but their return to the competition was delayed until the next season. After a disappointing start to the season, the franchise went out of business. Former owner Eddy Groves ran into financial problems with his ABC Learning Centres empire. David Kemp was announced as the new owner, but pulled out of the deal. The license for the team was then returned to the NBL on 30 June 2008.

In the 2007-08 season, the Bullets returned to the NBL, and returned to the city’s former home venue, the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre. After a turbulent period, the team’s license was returned to the NBL. As a result, the franchise returned to its old home venue in the Southbank. The franchise has been a part of the NBA and NBL for almost 30 years.

In the 2006-07 season, the Bullets returned to the NBL. After a brief hiatus, the team returned to the city’s original location. In the NBL, the bullets’ blue heritage color was reintroduced. In addition, they returned to their former home venue, the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre. In 2008, the team won the finals in four consecutive seasons, clinching the franchise’s first NBL title.

In the 2010-11 season, the Bullets won their second NBL title. Their third championship came in 2011 and 2012, which was their first in five seasons. The Brisbane Bullets are still in the NBL. They were renamed to commemorate the historic event. The former home venue has hosted games since the 1960s. The new owner is the current team’s coach. Its name is based on the city’s heritage, which is why the Bullets are considered as the official team of Queensland.

After the 2005-06 season, the Bullets reached the playoffs for the first time. They had a record of 19-5. This was an improvement from their previous 10-12 record. In the semi-finals, the Bullets beat the Geelong Supercats and Coburg Giants. In the finals, the Bullets won the NBL grand final for the fourth time in their history. After beating the Coburg Giants and advancing to the semifinals, they won their first-ever grand-final.

The Bullets won three NBL titles during the 1990 season. They won the first NBL grand final since 1980. The next year, they finished second in the regular season, and won their first series in the league. Their goal was to win the title, and they did. They won the series. This led to the 1989 premiership. The inaugural championship was a great year for the Brisbane Bullets. It was the season’s most successful in the history of the NBL.

After the 1997 NBL Grand Final, the Bullets had their first playoff appearance since the 1982 season. The Bullets finished in third place with a 19-5 record, up from their ten-12 campaign in 1983. The finals were their first appearances in the NBL grand final. They played the Perth Wildcats in the 1989 season. The team lost 96-91. These were the two seasons when the Bullets made their first-ever appearance in the post-season.

The Bullets had their first playoff appearance since 1981, and won the title in their first season of play. They finished the regular season 20-6, and advanced to the Grand Final, winning the series over the Wildcats. This was the team’s only NBL Grand Final victory in the history of the competition. It won the series in 1985 and the next season in the following. After the series, the Bullets had a memorable year.

The bullets are the only team to win an NBL grand final in every season. In 1989, the Bullets won the minor premiership with 28 wins and five losses. The Bullets had their most successful season ever during this season. Despite the team’s lack of success, the 2015-16 Brisbane NBL grand final is their most successful season to date. The tournament features eight teams. In the 2016-17 season, the Brisbane Bullets will compete against the Melbourne Blaze.