brisbane jets

The Brisbane Jets are exploring a potential merger with the Broncos, but the NRL is wary of expansion and concerns about treading on existing teams. Jets owner and CEO Craig Livermore is confident that the franchise can survive on its own. He says he is confident of his team‘s financial and marketing prospects. The Jets have a long list of willing partners. The franchise has shortlists of three locations for its training and administrative offices, as well as budding venue-sharing relationships with other organisations.

The stadium plan involves redeveloping the existing North Ipswich Reserve Stadium, which would have a capacity of 10,000 people. It is estimated that the project would cost $220 million. Bennett has been linked to the coaching position. The team logo would resemble the Ipswich Jets’ current one. The Jets would be based in the Ipswich-West Brisbane area and play most of their home games at Suncorp Stadium.

The team is a hybrid of two previous bids. While the team shares a stadium with the Ipswich Jets, it will play most games at Lang Park and redevelop North Ipswich Reserve into a 20,000-seat stadium. Because the team plays in the Queensland Cup, they’ll be able to market themselves to a diverse audience. And with the help of a redeveloped stadium, the Jets could be a viable option for Queensland.

The two existing clubs that have the necessary assets are in a good position to be the NRL’s 17th team. Their respective owners have spent hundreds of millions of dollars on facilities and equipment. The Jets have claimed a $10 million financial guarantee from the NRL. However, the Dolphins and Firehawks would also benefit from the new venture. But there are also a number of issues with both clubs’ plans.

The Firehawks and the Jets are weighing their options. While some argue that a merger would be beneficial, Redcliffe Dolphins owner Nick Livermore has made it clear that a team merger will not be easy. The Redcliffe Dolphins have also made presentations to the committee last week. It is not known how many of them will be chosen but both have the potential to be successful. This is one of the main reasons why both teams are pursuing an NRL bid.

The Dolphins will join the NRL in 2023 and will be known as the Dolphins. Redcliffe was chosen to be the NRL’s 17th team, and they beat out the Jets and Firehawks. The Dolphins will be based in Redcliffe and will share the same venue as the Broncos. With the Redcliffe Dolphins, the entire region will be represented. In the meantime, the Broncos will continue to play at Suncorp Stadium.