brisbane homes without power

Queensland residents are being asked to reduce electricity use as part of an effort to cope with an energy crisis caused by high demand and limited supplies. Power prices have seen dramatic spikes as generators look for ways to offset rising international coal and gas costs by raising them higher than anticipated.

Georgia will soon move into Carseldine Village, one of the nation’s first freehold neighbourhoods with 100% solar and battery energy generation capabilities. Her smart home will reduce her energy bills significantly while automatically pre-cooling for savings of more than $1600 each year.

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Overnight, Queensland was hit by a torrential downpour with heavy rainfall, dark storm clouds and strong winds bringing roof damage, toppled power lines and left thousands without electricity including those in Brisbane City and Redland City – 73,000 lightning strikes were registered alone!

Brisbane residents should remain wary as a severe storm approaches, and are advised not to approach or touch any fallen power lines and instead notify Energex immediately of their discovery.

Storms are predicted to hit Logan City, Beenleigh and Strathpine within the hour while Brisbane CBD may see one arrive around 9:55pm. To protect themselves against storm damage and anticipate power outages, residents are urged to cover their cars with tarps before conducting property inspections by experienced inspectors who can spot hidden damage that would otherwise go undetected – this information could serve as bargaining power when buying or withdrawing from sale contracts; therefore making pre-purchase inspection an essential step before making decisions about purchasing real estate decisions.


At the time the weather bureau issued its severe thunderstorm warning for Brisbane, gusts of wind were gusting up to 93 km/hour causing roof collapse at a supermarket in Bellbowrie and water to pour from Moggil Road shopping centre; trees also fell and power lines were damaged leaving thousands without power supply.

12,500 homes lost power following the storm that rolled across southern Queensland last night, leaving one man aged in his 40s injured from being struck by a falling tree near Dalby in Darling Downs region of Darling Downs region. Peak hour services had to be cancelled and delays at Brisbane airport caused due to high winds as well as significant disruptions on train network in city itself due to these high winds.


Brisbane trees add value and character to properties, and are an aesthetically pleasing part of cityscape. Emerging communities strongly protect trees; any removal without permission from council may be illegal. A permit must also be obtained before conducting pruning or trimming work that affects any tree size in any way.

Recent aerial analysis suggests that Greater Brisbane suburbs with thick tree canopies are seven degrees cooler than those without, however planners in the city are under pressure to clear away trees to make way for cheaper housing in smaller-lot, high-density estates.

Suburban gardens often include deciduous trees such as Maple, Oak and Birch but these don’t thrive well in our subtropical climate, making them difficult to keep looking their best. Local councils have guidelines for pruning and planting new trees while the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal can assist with neighbourhood disputes over large overhanging trees; usually disputes can be settled by meeting with neighbours directly to discuss.

Electrical Issues

Many older homes in Brisbane and its northern suburbs contain outdated wiring that poses serious health and safety threats for your family. Each year, fire brigade officials respond to over 300 residential electrical fires caused by such wiring faults.

If your circuit breaker keeps tripping regularly, it might be time to contact an electrician in your area. This could be caused by too many appliances sharing the same power board or due to poor main neutral connection.

Consider switching up the power outlets within your home. Many older-style houses contain plenty of outlets but not enough plugs to support modern equipment, which means using extension cords can be a quick fix but may create a tripping hazard and is not as safe for your appliances. Therefore, it would be worthwhile contacting your local Brisbane electrician to inspect and provide outlet solutions tailored specifically to your home.