brisbane or adelaide

Adelaide and Brisbane, two of Australia’s most beloved cities, are both renowned for their climates, food, culture, people and nightlife – but which one is better?

When it comes to cities, personal preferences usually win out. If you’re searching for a tropical locale with great weather, Brisbane would be the better option.

The weather

Australia’s climate can vary significantly between cities. While Melbourne and Adelaide enjoy a Mediterranean climate, other cities like Brisbane or Perth experience tropical conditions.

Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth can get quite hot during the summer months; to protect yourself from sunburn, visitors should don sun-smart clothing, apply sunscreen and don a hat. Furthermore, try not to go outside during the hottest part of the day and stay indoors during this heat wave for best protection.

Rainfall in Australia is highly variable, with coastal cities receiving more rain than rural areas. Conversely, Australia’s interior tends to experience dry conditions.

The food

Brisbane and Adelaide boasts an array of delicious cuisine, whether you’re in the mood for something light to snack on or a full meal for lunch or dinner. There are numerous restaurants serving up world-class dishes from classic Australian meals to the latest culinary trends. No matter your appetite, Brisbane or Adelaide has something perfect for you!

You’ll also find great bars where you can have a cocktail, glass of wine or beer and enjoy an enjoyable night out. Some may be under the radar but they are definitely worth checking out for those seeking something unique.

On Adelaide Street, Vietnamese stalls such as NamNam and Saigon Alley Cafe offer fresh rice paper rolls, banh mi baguettes and pho to go. Plus you can catch a Korean pop show at Korea Food Kofoo or sample some Korean noodle dishes and sushi at Saigon Alley nearby.

The people

Brisbane and Adelaide tend to have more friendly locals than other Australian cities, making it easier to make friends – particularly if you’re new in town.

Brisbane is a tropical city, with temperatures ranging from 21 degrees Celsius to 30 degrees Fahrenheit in summertime. On average, its monthly rainfall is 9-10 days.

Adelaide on the other hand is much smaller and more relaxed than Brisbane, thanks to its slightly smaller population. You won’t feel as rushed or crowded here like in Brisbane.

Adelaide, the capital of South Australia, was established as a planned colony in 1836 and intended for free people to live. Unlike other Australian capitals like Sydney or Brisbane, Adelaide did not experience the same convict settlement history.

The culture

Brisbane or Adelaide both offer distinct lifestyles, but if you’re searching for a culture that brings together both worlds, Australia’s oldest capital is your best bet.

Adelaide is home to an exciting range of galleries, museums and arts events for you to discover. From world-class JamFactory in West End to some of Australia’s most renowned art exhibitions and festivals, Adelaide’s arts scene is flourishing.

In this vibrant city you’ll discover a bustling cafe culture and an ever-expanding selection of on-trend restaurants. Additionally, you can explore world-class wine regions such as the Barossa Valley – just a short drive away from Melbourne.

The nightlife

Nightlife in Brisbane or Adelaide is the perfect way to unwind after a long day. It’s also an ideal destination for expats and digital nomads due to its laid-back atmosphere, friendly locals, and reasonable cost of living.

Adelaide boasts plenty of pubs and bars where you can have a good time with friends. Try out different drinks and dance to the music as you relax.

Paloma Bar and Pantry is one of the best places for a drink. They serve up refreshing drinks like Aperol Spritz and Paloma, plus they have an impressive wine list.